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What we do?

AeroD Technologies is a leading aerospace and defense company based in India, specializing in defense engineering solutions. With a strong focus on the development and indigenization of cutting-edge technologies, we offer comprehensive services to meet the evolving needs of the defense industry. Our expertise lies in engineering design, product development, and maintenance support for a wide range of defense applications. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the sector. At AeroD Technologies, we are committed to setting new industry standards by delivering efficient, innovative, and reliable solutions to our valued clients.

Our Speciality

High-quality parts

Get access to aerospace parts of the highest quality, from the best manufacturers in the business.

Fast delivery

We offer fast and reliable delivery, so you can get the parts you need, when you need them.


We offer the best prices in the market, helping you save big on your aerospace components.

Comprehensive services

Our team can help you find the right parts and provide full support during installation and maintenance.

Our Offerings


Our Team is devoted to high-quality manufacturing processes tailored to the unique needs of our clients. We specialize in custom sourcing of diverse Ground Support Equipment (GSE), Automated Test Equipment (ATE), and parts with the utmost assurance.


AeroD Technology is a leading player in the indigenisation of aviation equipments. We are proud contributors to the "Make in India" initiative and leverage our in-depth domain experience builds our proficiency in manufacturing highly technical and reliable aviation equipment.

Research and Design

Our Research & Design team constantly strives to achieve optimal results within specified timeframes. We adapt to the latest technology and employ a highly qualified workforce to get custom equipment manufactured.

Reverse Engineering

We utilize reverse engineering methods to custom-build certain ground equipment which is currently not supported by the OEMs. Our technological expertise allows us to undertake such challenging tasks with speed and efficiency.

Our Objective


To revolutionize defense and aerospace technology, we envision being the forefront innovators, delivering cutting-edge solutions that ensure global security and enable exploration. With unwavering commitment to excellence, we strive to shape a safer and interconnected world, pushing boundaries and setting new industry standards.


Our mission is to design, develop, and deliver advanced defense and aerospace technologies that provide unparalleled capabilities to our clients. We are dedicated to exceeding expectations, fostering strategic partnerships, and driving sustainable growth. Through innovation and reliability, we aim to safeguard nations and pioneer the future of aerospace technology

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